Find and fix performance issues that are invisible to your existing tools

Application, system and JVM performance diagnostics for development and operations teams - supported by performance experts.

"Opsian was simple to set up and immediately found performance issues that were invisible to our existing APM tooling. We're running it continuously on many of our services now."

Rapidly diagnose complex application performance issues

Clear reports that help development and operations teams find the root cause of performance issues.

CPU profiling to identify inefficient pieces of code.

Wallclock profiling to identify Garbage Collection pause or memory usage problems.

Allocation profiling to identify methods exhibiting excessive memory allocation behaviour.

JVM diagnostics to identify Garbage Collection-related issues such as high pause times and frequent collections.


Identify system and JVM problems

Dashboards and pre-configured health checks to highlight common JVM performance problems around Garbage Collection and resource utilisation.

Browser-based real-time dashboards that are shareable amongst your team.

Health checks can be configured to alert your teams so they can address the cause before it becomes a wider problem.

Alerts can be copied to Opsian support who can provide solutions advice backed by a Service Level Agreement.


Find issues that only surface in production

Low overhead implementation that doesn't cause performance problems when run always-on in a production environment.

One tool to help both users with a development and an operational focus understand common problems.

Eliminate manual replication of production issues in a pre-production environment. Find root causes directly from production data.

allocation rate and cpu

Performance experts to support your teams

Support from performance specialists who are Java Champions and published book authors.

Training to help your team improve solving and avoiding performance problems.

Consulting and training courses can be delivered onsite or remotely.

jvm healthchecks

How it works

Our JVM agents take lightweight profiling samples from your production servers, transmitting them to Opsian

Opsian's servers, hosted in our cloud environment or on-premises, aggregate and index the profiling data from across your infrastructure

Browser-based dashboards can be used to run real-time reports and visualisations over all your performance data

Actionable reports

See where bottlenecks occur at a high level and then drill down to line-level granularity

Always On

Continous monitoring of your applications as they run in production under load

<1% overhead

Our tooling won't become your performance problem

Easy Setup

Five minute setup with no code changes required

Browser-based reports

Flame Graphs, Tree Views and Hot Spots - shareable amongst your teams

Historical data

Compare performance between versions to find regressions fast

Find bottlenecks and increase scalability

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  • 5 included App Instances
  • 3 User Accounts
  • 3 Days Data Retention
  • Email support
  • Credit card billing


  • 20 included App Instances
  • 10 User Accounts
  • 7 Days Data Retention
  • Email & Chat support
  • Credit card billing


  • 40 included App Instances
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • 14 Days Data Retention
  • Email, Chat & Phone support
  • Credit card & invoice billing


  • 40+ App Instances
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • 14+ Days Data Retention
  • Email, Chat & Phone support
  • Credit card & invoice billing
  • On-Premises deployment
  • Customization